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本文摘要:In January, British actor Eddie Redmayne made headlines around the world as he became the latest in a growing band of smartphone refuseniks.今年1月,英国演员埃迪雷德梅因(Eddie Redmayne)沦为全球头条新闻,因为他重新加入了人数更加多的智能手机拒绝者的行列。


In January, British actor Eddie Redmayne made headlines around the world as he became the latest in a growing band of smartphone refuseniks.今年1月,英国演员埃迪雷德梅因(Eddie Redmayne)沦为全球头条新闻,因为他重新加入了人数更加多的智能手机拒绝者的行列。“It was a reaction against being glued permanently to my iPhone during waking hours,” he explained, turning instead to an old-fashioned “dumb phone” handset that could only make and take calls.他说明说道:“这是对于在精神状态时刻与我的iPhone总有一天硬在一起的反应。”他转而用于不能相接打电话的老式“傻瓜手机”。

He is not alone. There is a small but busy market for phones that are simple and cheap at a time when smartphones are becoming ever more complex and expensive.他并非唯一这么做到的人。在智能手机显得更加简单和便宜之际,非常简单而廉价的手机享有一个规模并不大但极为辛苦的市场。Feature phones — handsets with some basic functions such as playing music and accessing the internet — are gradually being replaced by low cost smartphones, according to Francisco Jeronimo, research director for European mobile devices at IDC, the research group. But there is still a significant demand for older-style phones.研究机构IDC的欧洲移动设备研究总监弗朗西斯科瀠坧尼莫(Francisco Jeronimo)回应,功能手机(不具备一些基本功能的手机,例如播出音乐和网际网路)于是以渐渐被低价智能手机代替。

但更加老式的手机仍有相当可观市场需求。Strategy Analytics, a research group, estimates that 44m basic phones were sold in 2015, accounting for 2 per cent of the global market.研究机构Strategy Analytics估算,2015年基础手机销量为4400万部,占到全球手机市场的2%。Some phonemakers, such as Sony and LG, have already turned their back on the market. But others like Microsoft and Samsung are still producing devices every year aimed at the feature market.一些手机制造商(例如索尼(Sony)和LG)已退出这块市场。

但微软公司(Microsoft)和三星(Samsung)等其他厂商仍年年发售射击功能手机市场的设备。Many smartphone users bemoan having to buy devices that are easily broken, require daily recharging and which will be superseded by a new, better version within a year. Even basic smartphones offer computing power that not many people need.很多智能手机用户责怪称之为,他们被迫出售很更容易被摔坏、必须每天电池,以及将近一年就被新的更高版本代替的手机。就连入门型号的智能手机也获取并非很多人必须的计算能力。Some users buy phones with limited or no internet connections in a conscious attempt to decouple from the modern digital world. Light Phone founder Joe Hollier falls into this camp. The 25-year-old former skater has developed a credit card-sized phone without a data connection and no extra functions other than to make calls. He describes a feeling of huge relief when the ability to check emails or status updates is removed.一些用户为了有意识地企图与现代数字世界阻隔,而出售网际网路功能受限或者没网际网路功能的手机。

Light Phone创始人乔攠利耶(Joe Hollier)就是其中的一员。这位25岁的前滑板运动员研发了一款信用卡大小的手机,除相接打电话外,没数据相连或其他额外功能。他形容,去除查阅邮件或改版状态功能带给一种极大的放开感觉。

Analysts say that there is a growing number of “second phoneys” who use an expensive smartphone or “phablet” during the day, but turn to cheaper, pocket-sized devices when they go out in the evening.分析师们回应,更加多的人用于两部手机:白天用于便宜智能手机或平板手机,晚上出外时则替换成更为廉价的袖珍手机。The Light Phone functions as a compnion device to a smartphone but Mr Hollier hopes it will also encourage people to unplug from the modern internet world.Light Phone就看起来智能手机的伴侣,但奥利耶期望它还不会希望人们偶尔复出现代互联网世界。There are also practical reasons why some are turning their backs on smartphones. The short battery life of devices is a source of constant complaint and many travellers are still attracted to the reliability and long battery life of older phones.一些人退出智能手机也有实际的原因。手机电池续航时间较短是人们责怪接连的一个原因,同时很多旅行者仍讨厌老式手机的可靠性和超长待机时间。


This market is still being served by Microsoft, which now owns the Nokia brand. The US group last year launched the Nokia 215, for example, a simple, robust device that has a standby battery life of 29 days. The Nokia 515 has a massive 38 days standby time.微软公司仍在服务于这块市场,该公司现在享有诺基亚(Nokia)品牌。去年,微软公司发售诺基亚215,这是一款非常简单而牢固的手机,电池待机时间超过29天。诺基亚515的电池待机时间则宽约38天。The phone has a simple layer of apps and basic data connectivity, but the main attraction is the $30 price tag. As Microsoft boasts: “Exceptional battery life and impressive durability are standard features. When you own a Nokia, you own a phone that’s built to last.”这款手机的应用软件非常简单,仅有不具备基本的数据相连,但主要吸引力在于其30美元的价格。


正如微软公司所炫耀的那样:“出众的电池待机时间以及令人印象深刻印象的耐用性是标准配备。如果你有一部诺基亚,你就享有了一部可以天长地久的手机。”Dumb phones have more specific uses, however, for example being given to children for calling home. They are simple, robust and cheap if lost.然而,非智能手机还不具备一些较为特定的用途,例如,给孩子用来打电话给家里。它们非常简单、结实,如果遗失也不贵。

Likewise, there are simple phones for the elderly, such as those made by Doro, which prioritise large buttons and the amplification of volume rather than how quickly they can access the internet.某种程度,还有一些专为老年人设计的非常简单手机,例如Doro生产的手机,该公司的手机优先考虑到大按键和音量缩放,而不是终端互联网的速度有多慢。Mr Jeronimo says that such products are becoming a niche opportunity for companies. Doro has grown to become the third-largest feature phonemaker in western Europe after Microsoft and Samsung, he adds.IDC的杰罗尼莫回应,这类产品于是以沦为一些公司占有一席之地的机遇。他补足称之为,Doro已茁壮为西欧第三大功能手机制造商,次于微软公司和三星。

Feature phones are also more popular in developing markets because of the combination of low prices and long battery life.此外,由于价格低和电池待机时间宽,功能手机在发展中国家更加热门。“Using a smartphone in some countries in Africa, for instance, is not an option for many users, as it would require to charge it on a daily basis,” says Mr Jeronimo.杰罗尼莫回应:“例如,在非洲一些国家,对很多用户来说,用于智能手机并非不切实际自由选择,因为它必须每天电池。

”“On the other hand using a smartphone means little for users who cannot connect to a 3G network, either because they are not available or because the connectivity is extremely expensive.”“另一方面,用于智能手机对那些无法终端3G网络的用户而言完全多余,这要么是因为3G网络不能用,要么是终端价格极为高昂。”And, for those that find even basic phones are too much, there is a solution: the $5 NoPhone Zero. It claims to be the least advanced phone ever created, has no buttons or components and is just a plastic rectangle. It is a joke, but one that says much about our modern anxiety about technology.对于那些指出连基础手机都贞过分的人而言,这里有一个解决方案:5美元的NoPhone Zero(闻右上图)。这款手机自称为是目前最低级的手机,它没按键和零部件,只是一块长方形塑料。






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